Ebook Amazing Animals Coloring Book

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Ebook Amazing Animals Coloring Book

This exciting coloring book introduces you to 46 of the world’s most unusual animals — from the wandering albatross, with a wingspread of up to 11 feet, to the net-nabber spider, which drops a silken web on its prey.
Realistically rendered by nature artist Ruth Soffer are the cheetah, the fastest land animal over short distance; the shock-producing electric eel; the amazing aye-aye, a nocturnal creature with a long, skeletal middle finger; the horned lizard, which squirts blood from the edges of its eyelids; and the Portuguese man-of-war, a variety of jellyfish with long, stinging tentacles. Also included are the giraffe, whale shark, glasswing butterfly, Tokay gecko, and many other animals considered especially unusual because of their shape, coloration, defenses, and adaptation for survival. Captions provide fascinating information about each animal. Dover Original (doverpublications.com)

Color and Learn About Wild Animals with Dover Coloring Books
Color and learn about species from around the globe with coloring books filled with detailed illustrations and captions. Learn about mammals that lack their front teeth – the EDENTATA which includes anteaters and armadillos. Or man’s closest relative, Primates (Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Baboons, and Orangutans) in Wild Animals Coloring Book. Do you know what an Ursus Arctos is? Taxidea Taxus or Antilocarpa Americana? Explore these animal habitats in The Zoo Animals Coloring Book and get acquainted with animal occupants from Zoo’s around the world. Baby Animals, filled with cuteness, will bring out a slew of oohs and awws! (amazon.com)


Informasi Tambahan


Amazing Animals Coloring Book


Ruth Soffer


ISBN 10: 0486420612
ISBN 13: 9780486420615


Dover Publications


48 halaman


Soft Cover


208 x 278 x 8.38 mm


PAUD TK/Mewarnai/English Books/Activity




Rp 120.028


181,44 gram


21 Mei 2002


0-5 tahun


Dover Coloring Book

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Dover Publications, also known as Dover Books, is an American book publisher founded in 1941 by Hayward Cirker and his wife, Blanche. It primarily publishes reissues, books no longer published by their original publishers. These are often, but not always, books in the public domain. The original published editions may be scarce or historically significant. Dover republishes these books, making them available at a significantly reduced cost.

Classic Reprints
Dover reprints classic works of literature, classical sheet music, and public-domain images from the 18th and 19th centuries. Dover also publishes an extensive collection of mathematical, scientific, and engineering texts. It often targets its reprints at a niche market, such as woodworking. Starting in 2015, the company branched out into graphic novel reprints, overseen by Dover acquisitions editor and former comics writer and editor Drew Ford.

Most Dover reprints are photo facsimiles of the originals, retaining the original pagination and typeset, sometimes with a new introduction. Dover will usually add new and more colorful cover art to its paper-bound editions. They retitle some books to reflect modern dialect and categories. For example, the book Woodward’s National Architect was retitled A Victorian Housebuilder’s Guide.

The Cirkers started the business selling remaindered textbooks by mail from their apartment in Queens, New York City. The company published its first book, Tables of Functions with Formulas and Curves, when the German copyright was voided by the United States as a result of World War II. The book was an unexpected success and established the Dover business model of publishing esoteric works at a low price. One of Dover’s best sellers was Albert Einstein’s The Principle of Relativity, which Einstein reluctantly agreed to republish despite his concerns that it was outdated.

Dover helped to transform the paperback book market. In 1951 it issued some of the earliest standard-sized paperbacks, a format that became known as a trade paperback.[8] Since the 1960s, the vast majority of Dover’s titles have been paper-bound books of various sizes. Dover paperbacks had sewn pages, unlike most paperbacks which were held together with glue and subject to page drop-out.

Beginning in the 1950s Dover also issued a series of Listen & Learn language courses prepared primarily using teachers from Columbia University.

For a time, Dover also published a catalog of LP phonograph records. Some, such as selected recordings of Schubert’s solo and chamber works featuring pianist Friedrich Wührer, were reissues of earlier monaural releases from other labels. Noteworthy among Dover’s original issues was an extensive series documenting pianist Beveridge Webster in literature ranging from Beethoven’s Hammerklavier sonata to the second piano sonata by Roger Sessions. In keeping with its thrifty philosophy, by using lower recording levels, leading to narrower grooves, Dover was able to include more minutes than usual on each LP; however, the lower recording levels meant more noise and more vulnerability to scratches. Dover’s foray into recordings was not as successful as its core business of book republication, and the company eventually abandoned it.

Starting in the 1990s Dover has published a specialized line of low-cost reprints of public domain literature known as “Dover Thrift Editions”, which are generally priced at US$5 or less.

Hayward Cirker died in 2000 at the age of 82. In that same year, Dover Publications was acquired by Courier Corporation.Courier was acquired by RR Donnelley in 2015. R Donnelly split into three in 2016; Dover became part of LSC Communications. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dover_Publications)

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Ruth Soffer (illustrator)

In addition to illustrating books for Dover, Ruth Soffer has also done work for other major publishing houses. An artist specializing in natural science subjects, she lives in Brooklyn, New York.

I am a nature illustrator and have illustrated childrens educational texts posters coloring books etc. I have also designed and made stained glass. I work with children aged 68 creating hand and finger puppets in a one hour after school program.

Address : 150 Hicks Street, 1A, Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA


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